Nov. 17, 2015
Depends on whether your are asking for prenatal, intrapartal, or postpartum.
Baseline for a normal adult (not pregnant): BP: 100-140/60-90 mm Hg Pulse: 60-100 beats per min (bpm) Respirations: 16-20/minute Temperature: 35-38 degrees centergrade Pulseoximeter (if used) 95% or greater
Intrapartal during the first stage of labor, the normal findings are the following:
BP: <130 systolic and <85 diastolic Pulse: 60-90 bpm Respirations: 14-22/minute (or pulse rate divided by 4) Temperature: 36.2-37.6 degrees centergrade (98-99.6 F)
(Baselines from "Maternal & Child Nursing Care 2nd Ed." London, Ladewig, Ball, Bindler, Pearson
Nov. 8, 2015

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